City of Ashburn

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Ashburn City Council

They appoint the City Attorney, Tommy Coleman, who advises the Council on legal matters. Other appointees by action of the Council are: the City Manager, Department Heads, City Auditor, City Judge, and members of various committees and boards. The Mayor serves on numerous boards by virtue of her position. Each year, the Mayor and Council must approve the annual operating budget that includes the appropriations for each department and their work plan for next fiscal period.

The Chief Elected Official for the city is Mayor Pro-Tem  Howard Jordan. He and the City Council hold monthly meetings (the first Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m., at City Hall) to pass local ordinances, set policy, and hear reports from the staff. Council members are elected at large, and serve four year terms. Elections are to be held every other year to elect three members of the group.Current Council members are: Rhonda Walker, Tommy C. Bateman, Howard Jordan-Mayor Pro- Tem,  James Burks and Andrea Pierce.